Microblading is a specialized, hand controlled, technique that delivers pigment into the superficial layers, creating a hair-like stroke. Microshading, or micropigmentation, delivers a soft shading of color behind the hair strokes. The combination of methods creates a balanced, natural looking brow, as well as allowing the design of the service based on skin type and brow style.


Begin by booking a complimentary 30 minutes consultation to see if microblading is right for you!


Microblading & Shading First VisitNo Charge
30 Minute Consultation
Microblading & Shading First Service$500+
Includes 5 - 7 Week Touch-Up | 3 Hour Service
Microblading Touch Up$175+
After 7 Weeks & Up To 1 Year
Biannual Touch Up$275+
24 - 36 Months After First Service
Corrective ServicePriced at Consultation