Relaxation Massage$55 | 30 min$90 | 60 min$125 | 90 min
Based on the Aveda Elemental Nature Philosophy paired with your favorite Aveda aroma and Swedish massage techniques.
Therapeutic Massage$65 | 30 min$100 | 60 min $125 | 90 min
Based on your direction and comfort level. Techniques include Deep Tissue, Cupping, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone & Moist Clay Pack
Prenatal Massage$55 | 30 min $90 | 60 min$125 | 90 min
Based on relaxation and relief to help improve circulation, reduce tension, relieve aches, depression and anxiety for the expecting mother.
Exfoliating Thermal Body Treatment$100 | 60 min $135 | 90 min
Service includes full body dry brushing to exfoliate dry dead skin allowing the skin to be thoroughly moisturized. Thermal blankets combined with full body moist heat clay packs wrapped for 30 minutes to help prep the skin to absorb moisture and rehydration. The 30 minute wrap, is paired with a customized facial service. Followed by massage therapy and skin hydration.
Massage Add - Ons
Cupping | Moist Clay Pack | Deep Tissue | Hot Stone
Post Massage/Facial Rest Time$15 | 15 min